Things to do and experience

Standup paddling, snowshoeing under the moon, having a sauna and a barbeque night…

To do nothing or to do it all? We support your decision by offering you great atmosphere for focusing solely on relaxation, but also by leasing you an assortment of different sports equipment (see the pricing list below). Surrounding forests and the lake as such offer you great setting for sports, berry picking, swimming, fishing and rowing. Here, in the quiet and beautiful bay of Leveälahti you can enjoy walks amidst the magnificent forests and fields. In the winter you can enjoy walking, snowshoeing or even skiing on the ice-covered lake. Bright summer day or the coldest winter period, you won’t get bored in the middle of pure nature!

All activities are self-directed. Contact us for more information.

Sports equipment rentals:

SUP-boards: 30 €/day, 120€/week
Bikes: 10€/day
Snowshoes: 12€/day

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Experiences nearby:

From the nearest villages Liperi (19 km) and Rääkkylä (20 km) you can find well equipped supermarkets, bakeries, bars and cafés. For anything else you are best hopping in the car and taking a drive to the shops in Joensuu, the main town of the region, which is only 40 minutes away.

Liperi, a small and beautiful market town, surrounded by lakes and fields, is located in the Region of North Karelia and is also part of the Saimaa Lake District, the largest lake district in Europe.

In the summertime, Liperi’s idyllic harbour next to the grand red-brick church offers an atmospheric spot for enjoying a cup of coffee or an ice-cream. Rääkkylä’s Paksuniemi is also an idyllic place for a visit in the summer. A nice café/bar and a grocery Saariston Puoti, only 5 kilometers away from us, is easily reached even by a bike (which you can rent from us). If you are interested in the history and the culture of the region, visiting the Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi (still active) or the Old Mine in Outokumpu could be your things to do.

We are located between the two National parks of Koli and Kolovesi. They both are reached within 1,5 hours’ drive from us. Pärnävaara, the biggest ski contest center of the region, and the Kontiolahti Biathlon offer great cross-country skiing trails for winter sports lovers.

Our central location by the lake Saimaa district makes it easy to access us by water. Many of our guests come to Leveälahti mainly for boating and fishing. Fishing permits from Eräluvat can be purchased from Saariston Puoti or the gas station St1 in Liperi.


Liperi: 19 km
Rääkkylä: 20 km
Joensuu: 44 km
Cable ferry of Arvinsalmi: 4 km
Pärnävaara sports centre, Ylämylly: 32 km
Kontiolahti Biathlon: 55 km
National park Koli, Lieksa: 102 km
National park Kolovesi, Enonkoski: 97 km
Valamo Monastery, Heinävesi: 68 km
Lintula Monastery, Heinävesi: 83 km
Old Mine, Outokumpu: 55 km
Closest grocery in summertime 6 km, in wintertime 20 km.